SOLSC 29/31 #sol15

March 29 and the first day my driveway does not have any ice patches.  Finally.  It has been a cold sunny day, but the sun is high so yesterday’s snow did not stick.  I took Jack out for a walk. I wore my heavy winter coat, gloves, and boots.  I almost put on ear muffs but then I decided to brave the cold breeze. No one was out.  The neighborhood was quiet.  Once we got at the end of the street onto the main road a few cars went by.  Jack sniffed and the birds were noisy.  Yes, definitely a spring noise.  No smells of spring though.  The roads are dirty, wet, lots of sand. There is still lots of snow on the lawns facing north or shaded by tall trees. We did not meet any other dogs, did not see any deer, only one other walker.  I walked briskly up and down the hills. We walked for over 75 minutes.  Even Jack was tired as we returned home up our steep driveway.  A quiet walk. I did not do much thinking either, just observed Jack, watched a bit disappointed my still wintry surroundings, longing for more signs of rebirth.  The days are longer, though, definitely much longer.  The sunset viewed from the second floor picture window promised summer days ahead. Did I say summer? 


6 thoughts on “SOLSC 29/31 #sol15

  1. Your slice is far from boring. On the contrary your description of your walk captures the dreariness of a long and lingering winter and your longing for warmer days.


  2. Wow! Where do you still have this sad cold? I loved this “boring” (definitely not boring) post. Sometimes those walks without thinking are so fulfilling. Hope Spring shows up for you soon!


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