SOLSC 27/31 #sol15

Soup kitchen tomorrow.  Our small group meets for breakfast at Thread City Diner, downtown Willimantic, an old mill city that is trying to reinvent itself after a long time of urban decline, poverty, a reputation for heavy drug circles and related crime.  After breakfast we head to the nearby Covenant Soup Kitchen, the only one serving this corner of northeastern semi-rural Connecticut. We serve lunch to about 70-to-100 people, depending on weather and day of the month.  Tomorrow will be cold again and the end of the month, so it will probably be crowded.  The soup kitchen is well run and in the six years I have volunteered it only had two incidents of unruly behavior, both in the last year.  The kitchen manager, a slight tough woman in her sixties, can handle these incident swiftly and efficiently.  She knows her customers, and the great majority support her in her efforts to keep a clean and safe environment, where kids are sometimes present.  I am always in awe at her practical, efficient, down to earth, but caring ways. These few Saturday mornings I work at the kitchen keep me grounded.  At breakfast we catch up with the happenings in our lives and feed our bodies and souls.  Tomorrow we will also share our memories of Jane, a fellow volunteer who died a couple of weeks ago after battling reoccurring cancer.  It will be a good day.  


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