SOLSC 25/31 #sol15

I am really enjoying reading my students’ blogs!  I started them on Kidblog a few weeks ago and now about half of my students are writing daily sharing mostly about real slices of their lives.  Today Abby wrote about her sister because her sister asked her to write about her. So she described what her sister was doing while she was writing – dancing crazy dance moves to the songs that Abby was playing for her. Emma write about how she listens to music while she does her homework.  She said that music helps her focus on her work and makes even TenMarks math problems go faster. Joe wrote about how he has been staying at a friend’s house this week and he is not even allowed to enter his own house – I wonder what he means by that… And the friends he is taking with keeps wrestling him and he is now all broken up because his friend is 3 years older than he is.  And Lindsey wrote about how her mom and brother kept telling her to hurry up because it was getting late for “religion” and she was finishing writing her slice and could not stop so they three of them were rushing to get to “religion” class and she walked in while the teacher was taking attendance.  And Steven started with “Once upon a time at the Magic Kingdom…” and then went on to talk about his ride on Space Mountain and how it felt like you were really in space and could see the stars while going on circles, twists, and turns. And Anna wrote about her Guinea pig which was running like crazy in her cage and flipped over her castle.  And Samie wrote about how she dislikes TenMarks because it takes her forever solving the problems and that I would see the score so she wants to do them right.

I love writing my comments to each of their posts.  I can’t wait to read more about them and see how their posts get better and more interesting each day.  The power of writing every day! Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! 


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