SOLSC 23/31 #sol15

On a conference call with the NEA (town meeting). How to get involved? Should I volunteer?  It is difficult. I tried before to make calls out to vote and I hated it! Should I try to talk to colleagues at school? That is a bit easier but how? when? Union’s meetings are attended by people who do not need convincing, they are already involved. Not sure how you can express your ideas without coming across as pushy.  I don’t think I can make the cut as an activist. But then I think about how outraged I am about all the money spent on charter schools, all the money spent on testing and test prep, and all the time spent on test and test prep, and all the decisions that are being made by people who know nothing about educating real children in the real world, and then I get angry. So, don’t I have an obligation to get actively involved, not just by casting my vote, but by also informing people who are not aware of what goes on in our schools?  Easier said than done…

“1 out of every 32 votes comes from an NEA member family” – wow! The power of our voices! But what if my voice is silent?  I am very vocal with close family and friends, but that is not enough.  So, should I jump in? Should I try and find some like-minded teachers and join efforts with them, so as not to feel alone in this?  Maybe.  

This is my slice for today.  An unresolved slice.  A maybe slice.  


7 thoughts on “SOLSC 23/31 #sol15

  1. I have been in this spot. I have volunteered to call quite a few times, but each time I am more reluctant than the time before. Door to door is even worse for me. I think it is definitely easier with friends.

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    1. It is. I try to teach my 19-year old daughter that she needs to get involved, that an informed and involved citizen is what a democracy is all about, but I have a hard time following my own advice…


  2. Yes you have a point! However, we as a professionals have an equal obligation(I think) to live well balanced lives so we have something to offer our students. We need to take breaks and have flourishing family relationships, for example. I think we need to speak up when authentic opportunities present themselves in the course of our lives as articulately as possible.


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