SOLSC 20/31 #sol15

New term, new leaf.  New units – reading, writing, math.  Parent conferences.  My students, still young 5th graders, soon will be ready to move on to the middle school.  Me?  Maybe I will be moving on too.  I am conflicted about making a change, but sometimes I feel I need to.  But then again, I love working with this age group, I love teaching math, but I also love sharing my love for reading.  I may have the opportunity to focus on math only.  Should I consider it? I would still work with elementary school children, but from all grades. That appeals to me.  I see those kindergartners and first graders walk the hallways with their confident smiles.  So much promise on their faces!  The school I could be working in is a high need school and that also appeals to me.  There is time. Teaching is what I like and you can make a difference no matter what you teach.  Would I continue to write?  I would certainly continue to read, that’s my life. But how about writing? I have been appreciating the value of writing every day with the SOL.  Writing makes you think more deeply than just reading.  I’m not sure. Over the years I have written on and off.  It’s easy to just avoid writing because writing is hard, it forces you to reflect on not always pleasant areas of your life.  And reflection can be tough. But you grow with writing. You  grow in a more deliberate way. There are still a few months before I need to decide.  Maybe the whole summer.  Maybe things will not materialize any way and the decision will be made for me.  For now, my fifth graders are here and I still have a lot of teaching and learning with them.


5 thoughts on “SOLSC 20/31 #sol15

  1. One thing slicing has taught me is that I choose whether to make writing happen each day. Yes, you will keep writing, even if you change jobs, if you choose to!! Sounds like you are making a great “pros/cons” list – good luck with the final decision.

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