SOLSC 19/31 #sol15

Sometime I wonder what it felt like being a kid.  When I see my students’ eyes smiling and  open in wonder as they discover or realize something, I think I too often forget, because I rationalize everything too much.  Today the fifth grade went to the Connecticut Science Center and, as it happens every year, the kids were excited, ran around, touched everything in sight, moved things, blew things, made vehicles and tried them out on inclines, made noises, listened to noises, jumped around, looked at their frozen but swirling image with huge smiles, tried to make sense of maddening wood puzzles, relaxed and maybe concentrated too much to beat their opponent in a game of “who is most relaxed?”   And how about the snake petting, and the tarantula, and the cockroaches, and the Connecticut River virtual trip? And the twister chamber, and the weather reporting?  And the star gazing… a reflective pause in na whirlwind of activities and discoveries.  A beautiful day.


3 thoughts on “SOLSC 19/31 #sol15

  1. I love field trips, even if I’m exhausted afterwards! I started to name my favorites, then realized I’ve enjoyed them all- the problems is, we have less and less every year. I’ve been to The Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Symphony, The Children’s Museum, The State Museum, the Indianapolis Zoo, The NCAA Museum, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (in Cincinnati- the bus trip
    included a stop at a buffet restaurant- almost as interesting as the museum for the kids), Conner Prairie (a living history museum near Indianapolis) with students in my district…and years ago with my daughter’s school to the Museum of Science and industry in Chicago.


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