SOLSC 16/31 #sol15

Why are people bored? Why are kids bored?  Sometimes I don’t get it.  Maybe because I’m hardly ever bored.  I have a student whose two out of three blog posts on Kidblog were titled “bored”. Last week’s bored post said that nothing happened in school that day and she was bored.  I commented on her post asking why she would say that when that day we had our dress rehearsal for our culminating debates in frot of all the fourth graders and then, during math, small groups of my best math students, including her, had an animated discussion on how to solve a challenging math problem which required a lot of back and forth thinking.  She did not respond.  The next day she stayed home from school and missed the actual debates in front of a large audience of parents and the always very popular dance unit last practice in gym.   Maybe she was afraid? Did she feel anxious about both? Was hers just a defense to justify her feeling nervous? Am I missing something? I don’t know.  I actually felt annoyed and incredulous.  Wait, she is ten years old.  I should try to understand what is going on.  Again tonight I read her second “bored” post.  This time she said that she did not know why she felt bored, that things were indeed happening at school but she felt bored nonetheless.  I have encouraged this student to read books that engage her in deep thinking.  She has, but she never seems to get excited about the challenges.  I am afraid I am losing this student, and I can’t understand why.  We started book clubs today.  We will have our first club discussions tomorrow.  Will I know how to reach her?  Will her club members help her get excited about the story? I don’t know.  


2 thoughts on “SOLSC 16/31 #sol15

  1. I teach gifted students and I have learned that “bored” doesn’t always mean bored. Sometimes it means the work is too hard and they’re afraid, sometimes they want to get their parents’s attention. Sometimes they’re having other problems, maybe with friends or at home. If your student would miss the debate presentation, it could be that she is nervous or afraid of doing well in front of others. Hang in there with her!


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