SOLSC 15/31 #sol15

I always get nervous and feel stressed when we are about to start new units.  Tomorrow is the start of our units in interpreting text sets (reading) and literary essays (writing). I never feel prepared.  I’m anxious about what the kids’ reaction will be – will they like the first set of books I chose for their book clubs?  Unfortunately we do not have enough book sets to give the students a choice.  It will be hard to motivate them if they do not like the book they are reading.  Hopefully the social component of book clubs will be sufficient motivation.  My students are still not proficient about writing about reading.  I feel like this is one area I have not been successful in my teaching this year.  It seems like I never have enough time to push their writing; they can have insightful discussions, but then it is hard to do the writing independently.  It is late, it Sunday night, and tomorrow morning I will have to face my students, sitting on the floor. Looking at me expectantly.  It never gets easier! Or is it just me? Time to go to bed.  The day after tomorrow will be a new day.


2 thoughts on “SOLSC 15/31 #sol15

  1. If you don’t have enough book sets (and therefore motivation is lacking) you could always try read aloud clubs where you read aloud and then put your kids in discussion clubs. I did that once and it went so well.

    As for writing about reading, encourage them to start with shorter texts (well-loved picture books). That might help them to interpret better. They can write longer literary essays about bigger books later. Just a thought…


    1. Thank you for the suggestions! We started the book clubs today. W will see how they like the books I have chosen. There were no complaints today. As far as the writing, I will be using short stories to start.


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