{SOLSC} 7/31 #sol15

School fair!  I manned the fishing station for the little ones.  Surprised to see many 5th graders go for the silly cheap prizes.  Two 7th graders were my assistants.  Neither one had been my student, but one I remembered – she had already been very tall as a fifth grader and she still had the same face, no teenage looks.  The other, on the other hand, I did not recognize, until she told me her name.  I remember her teacher often complaining about her – one of the many drama queens we had in fifth grade that year (that whole class almost did me in!).  She was friendly and sweet today, as well as looking very pretty and grown up.  Then came another 7th grader I had for math only, in fifth grade. I remember he was a bit troubled, really hurting from his parents’ divorce that year.  Bright, argumentative.  He is still wearing his hair very long and now donning cool glasses with electric blue lenses.  I had his older brother too, totally different but also a bit odd and very bright.  I was really happy he stopped by to say hello and give me the obligatory hug.  A 4-year old kept coming back for more fishing.  He was jumping up and down the whole time with excitement – he really got a kick out of fishing out prizes!  Hard not to keep smiling at such pure enthusiasm.  And then I saw many kids from last year’s fifth grade class, one of my favorite group ever!  As much as I hate going to school on a Saturday morning, the school fair is my favorite school event!


6 thoughts on “{SOLSC} 7/31 #sol15

  1. I always love working these events at my school, mostly because it’s so fun to see kids in a whole different setting, with their families and younger siblings. And I love watching my students grow up- it’s so amazing to see them sort of grow into themselves. Glad you had fun!

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  2. It’s always fun to see our students in this less formal setting. A good reminder to remember and honor that enthusiasm when they return to our learning spaces. Glad you had fun!


  3. Would you think I were kidding if I said you’re so brave to man the fishing game at your school fair? Because I’m totally serious! Fish kinda freak me out. I think I saw too many of them die in our 90-gallon tank when I was a kid. I wouldn’t have been able to handle a fish death well if I were manning that booth. (But yet I can navigate the NYC Subway System and do so many other things without fear. Go figure!)


    1. That’s funny! I am smiling at the thought of me with kids doing real fishing. Yesterday I was just clipping plastic toys, including tiny colorful plastic fish, to a string attached to a wooden dowel so kids could “fish” their prize. Not much courage needed there! Thank you for commenting!


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