{SOLSC} 9/31 #sol15


The shortest day of the year, my daughter reminds me.  Certainly it did feel like the shortest night!  I did not hear the phone alarm going off this morning – how predictable!  So I was late for school.  I had to call my co-teacher and found that she was home after falling on ice last night.  The para who is supposed to assist us with our needy students was pulled to sub for the music teacher who was absent as well without a sub.  Oh, what a start to the week.  Still, the kids are there and I am there to teach, support or not.  The day went fine even though my students also had a short night.  You could see it in their eyes and dormant moves.  I sigh.  I get a bit short-tempered with a few.  But then I remember we are all tired and it’s ok, the teaching and learning may be a bit slow today.  What is important we are here again, together, to read and write, and talk and share.

The day gets better after math.  We relax a bit, the kids go out for recess – yay! They come back with rosy cheeks and renewed energy.  They listen to each other when telling the class about what they learned using their EMaze presentations.  Some feel awkward talking off the slides, others just remember that they know a lot about their topic and elaborate naturally.  The other students ask questions, showing genuine interest on their peers’ talk.  They are supportive, they start chanting the next person’s name as they call them to the front of the class and pull up their presentation.  They are new at this.  On Friday, they will have to debate on another topic they wrote about for the past month,  they are nervous, but they know their stuff.  Parents will attend the debates.  Yes, they will be nervous, but I can feel the excitement building.  Another Monday is over.  The week is full of promise.



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