{SOLSC} 6/31 #sol15

I think we should go back to the Draft. (Oh my!  As I’m writing this, a guest in All In with Chris Hayes said just that!) I’m listening to the news and I’m feeling my chest tightening.  A Quinnipiac poll shows that 62% of Americans are in favor of sending troops to Iraq to combat ISIS.  Also, and I forgot the %, way too many Americans think we should get more aggressive with Iran.  Whose sons and daughters do people think will be going?  And who will be paying for all these wars and post-wars (as Colin Powell once said, “if you break it, you own it”).  Why shouldn’t we all contribute to these wars?  Would we be so quick in sending our troops in harm’s way if our own children were among them? My daughter is 19.  Doesn’t just the idea of the draft make the whole think so personal?



2 thoughts on “{SOLSC} 6/31 #sol15

  1. I have a son who is 19 and another one who is 21. They were in college, but didn’t go back this semester. They have talked, pretty regularly, about joining the Air Force. I can’t even stand thinking about it.


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