{SOLSC} 4/31 #sol15

Long day, today.  I am finally relaxing, but not completely, because in my mind is the one student who still has not completed (never mind revised or edited) the argument piece I need to score by Friday.  How do some kids tend to always fall through the cracks? He has been absent, has been late, he hates to put his thoughts in writing. I feel I have not been able to get through to him how an informational piece differs from an argument piece in the less obvious ways.  Everything seems obvious to this kid!  So he does not say it.  Maybe next piece.  He did better in the informational unit than the narrative…  Successes and failures of teaching.  I find writing to be the hardest subject to teach.  But things will change.  Now our students start writing a lot and right from the start, in kindergarten. Eventually, they will love to write!

I wanted to do the SOL Classroom Challenge, but we were too “busy” this week.  Our district  “data collection” date is this Friday.  But it’s never too late, right?  I have the Slice of Life Challenge writing logs copied on springy yellow card stock, the parent letter almost ready, and the students’ Kidblogs ID’s and passwords created and ready to go!  NO MORE SNOW! No more late openings, no more snow days! Next week is it! I know the kids will look forward to their daily small-moment writing, or at least, most of them.


8 thoughts on “{SOLSC} 4/31 #sol15

  1. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how we “take” at least one kid home every night. I’m always turning kids over and over in my mind, trying to figure out what I could do differently or better. And good for you for trying out the classroom slice. I’ve sliced for five years, but have never done it with kids, partly because I’m a literacy coach, and don’t have my own kids, and partly, I think, because I’m not brave enough to jump in!


    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am starting in a private domain. I’m not quite ready to publish on the official SOLCS Classroom challenge. I think I need to first get the kids used to blogging and their parents too. Every night I am still very slow in the technicalities of posting! I can never remember the steps! Next year I will start kids blogging at the beginning of the year so we will be ready to join the official challenge in March. I can see how it would be difficult for you to do without a classroom. But it think you can coach your teachers! I am sure you will find teachers who will appreciate your guidance!


  2. Chiara,
    So glad to see you here! I have these same worries. They are haunting. I have that kid (s) that come in on the edges. They are slippery. Such a challenge.
    As to blogging, be as patient with yourself as you are with your students! You are here. Celebrate!


    1. Thank you, Julieanne! Talking about our struggles helps keeping things in perspective. I am glad I joined this community. I never would have thought I would be looking forward to writing like this! I should follow my own advice more often -just try it – you’ll be surprised how resourceful you can be. This is a great experience! Humans are truly social animals!


  3. I have two students who match this description! Today, I was ‘gifted’ a building sub who had nothing better to do than tether herself to the side of one, while I did the same with the other. They’re slippery little buggers, as my dad would say. But…at day’s end, I can only grade them on what they’ve got on the page, no matter how hard I try to catch them! Without support from home, it’s just plain hard. Keep trying, though, there’s no giving up on a kid…ever. And it doesn’t sound like you ever would!


  4. Chiara, I finally found you. With so many, I’ve struggled with discovering the names I’d like to find & read! I too bring home a student (or more) every night, wonder what the next steps will be to connect this student to doing what is expected. But, you’re right about starting earlier next year, getting the students used to writing & slicing. Give them, & yourself, time & the habits will form. I liked the voice I heard, that you’re working on things step by step, there’s hope!


    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement, Linda. This has been a really great experience so far. Every day I look forward to meeting with fellow slicers and reading what they are up to. I found it easier than I thought to write at the end of an intense day with so many thoughts in my head about what to do next, tomorrow, in a month, next year!


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