{SOLSC} 11/31 #sol15

Late night.  I went to a showing of “Wagner’s Jews” followed by a panel discussion.  The event was held at a large sinagogue and was packed.  I cannot say I know Wagner or that I like his music, but I did not know Wagner was anti-Semite and still many Jews of the time loved him and his music, so I was intrigued and wanted to hear about it and the reaction from the audience.  It was well worth my going out on a school night, by myself (could not find anyone who was interested), and coming home late and with my school bag untouched (why did I bring it home?).   Lots to think about.  How do we react to beautiful arts created by despicable people?  How can you separate the artist from its art?  Should we? In reality, we usually do.  The night ended with closing words from a panelist, “Why are we here tonight? This is not about music. We came here to try and understand the incomprehensible.”


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