{SOLSC} 1/31 #sol15

My name is Chiara and this is the first time I blog – anywhere.  I like to write when I write, but somehow I don’t.  Well, I do when I have to, but I don’ often write for the pure pleasure of writing – time? I’d rather read than write?  That is why I am here, blogging.

I teach 5th grade.  I love to teach.  I walk, I read, I go to Italy. My daughter (my only child) is a sophomore in college, two and a half hours away.  I am married and have a dog, Jack.

Today I wake up with the thought of snow.  Again, plans need to be changed.  It is the first day of March and my window shows a white landscape, with only the bare branches of the trees adding some color to the pervasive whiteness. I am lying under the comforter and on soft warm pillows, but somehow I don’t feel comforted, I feel annoyed.  I see the smoke coming out of the stack of the wood furnace outside, I can almost smell it with all the windows sealed shut to keep the frigid air out.  Today I had planned to pick up Giulia from school so we could go together to Aunt Eda’s 90th birthday party. But here comes Gavin to mess up our plans.  I reluctantly get up and smile at Jack spread out on the couch faintly wagging his tail as I walk toward him.  Jack’s soft fur and warmth instantly make me feel better – who needs blood pressure pills when you have a dog?


8 thoughts on “{SOLSC} 1/31 #sol15

  1. Totally agree with your last comment about dogs! They are the best medicine ever! My two are laying beside me on the couch right now! I am looking forward to reading more of your slices!


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